How does Coasting work?

Coasting is a 3-session program that is delivered via Surfing Victoria's network of affiliated SUP Schools. The program is designed to encourage females to become more active through the sport of SUP. The 3 sessions consist of an introduction to equipment, how to use the paddle, how to correctly stand on the board and paddle, turns, water safety and much more! The information is spread over the 3 sessions to allow plenty of time for practice and so it fits in to your busy schedule. 

Lesson 1:
- Equipment
- Holding the Paddle
- How to Paddle
- Mounting and Dismounting Safely
- How to stay safe whilst on a SUP

Lesson 2:
- Basic Warm Ups
- Turning your SUP
- Different Paddling Techniques

Lesson 3: 
- Putting everything into practice
- Different types of SUP
- Linking turns effectively

The most important part of the Coasting program is that you get out there and have fun! 

Get Involved at a Coasting Delivery Centre

Surfing Victoria’s network of affiliated SUP Schools will provide female specific Coasting Sessions to further your SUP skills and meet new people. The schools are located all around Victoria. Check the map below for your closest centre and get involved today!